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New blog, new piano!

For as long as I can remember, the piano has been very present in my life. When I was a young child, my mother played the piano, and I loved to listen to her. When I was 6 years, I began taking piano lessons with the local organist. Since then, my piano interest has steadily increased! The instrument, the sound, the music, the history, the sense of connecting across generations and geographical boundaries by playing many of the same works that pianists have loved to play for centuries – my fascination for the piano, its history – and our history with it – is my motivation for this blog.

The urgent trigger, however, is my newest purchase. I have just bought a piano! Well, that does not come like a surprise, you may think – but this piano is different. My «new» piano is 193 years old. It was built by Daniel Dörr in Vienna in 1830 (or at least very close to that year) and is what we call an original Viennese fortepiano. Because of age and wear and tear, it is in need of restoration. I invite you to take part in the process by following this blog for the next months! Every week, I will be sharing updates on the restoration process and other subjects related to piano playing in the early 19th century. My petition to you is the same as to any piano: STAY TUNED!

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